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5 Tips to Combat Loneliness

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By Lauren Trippeer

While social distancing has been important to keep us all safe during the pandemic, it's definitely making it harder to feel connected. I don't think anyone has gone through the last year WITHOUT feeling confused, lonely or scared at times. We are living in a different world, and change can be scary and stressful. Here are some tips to help yourself feel better. Listen, it's not easy. It takes mental toughness and strength. It's going to require you stepping up, taking charge of yourself and saying in your head "I'm going to make an effort to not feel lonely!". Who better to hear some tips from than someone around your own age, aspiring filmmaker Lauren Trippeer.

Lauren is a junior at PDHS involved in cheer, basketball, Mock Trial, and Girl Scouts. She has been creating videos called Lauren Reporting Live for the past nine years which she posts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Lauren has dreams of majoring in film alongside music and theater at Chapman, USC, Cal Lutheran, or Stanford.



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