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Saving the life of a shelter animal is truly rewarding and life-saving. Through regular adoption events in the Coachella Valley,  Bianca Rae Foundation has helped over 1,000 animals find a forever home since its inception. The extremely sad reality is that Riverside County, on average, euthanizes over 400 innocent animals per month who were completely healthy but simply couldn’t be placed in a forever home.
Our goals include increasing our yearly public adoption events, creating community awareness, and offering incentives to individuals who foster shelter animals until a permanent home is available. The foundation provides all necessary items, including food, toys, and any needed medication. We also continue to, with No Kill Coachella Valley, transport local homeless dogs and cats to the Oregon Humane Society where they are adopted quickly.
Thinking about adding a pet to the household? If so, "Adopt, Don't Shop"!!
Do like Bianca did and adopt from one of the valley animal shelters!
They have a large selection of dogs and cats that are looking for their forever home. 
Here is a list of shelters located in the Coachella Valley - click on the image below and you'll be taken directly to their site! 

Looking to get your pet spayed or neutered? 

Bianca Rae Foundation recommends Snip Bus! 

Click the image below to learn more! 


Our Team in Action

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