It started in the fall of 2011. Bianca Rae had just moved to Palm Springs, California for a new job- specifically, her first job out of college. Bianca had lived alone and far from her Chicago family many times before: in Missouri for college and in LA for internships. However, this was the first time she moved away with no end date in sight - knowing quite well her career may take her and keep her far from the Midwest. Excited but a bit timid, she dove into her job and volunteerism.


That's when Bianca met Jack:  a homeless dog at the shelter where she volunteered. For months, she would come to the shelter on her days off, cleaning his cage, bringing him Superman blankets, wanting to adopt him but fearing she was, at 22 years old, too young and without enough money to have her own dog. As the fates would have it, though, when you know you meet "The One," you just know. Bianca adopted Jack on February 15th, 2012, and he became her lifelong Valentine.

You see, the story of Jack is important because it catapulted Bianca into pursuing her lifelong passion of helping those in need. It's quite obvious that Bianca was Jack's ray of hope, but one would be remiss to not add that he was her ray of hope as well: 
she dearly missed her family back in Chicago, and Jack provided much needed companionship and comfort to Bianca in her new life.

Soon after Jack's adoption, Bianca dove head-first into the world of animal welfare, fundraising to help animals just like Jack. Whether it's sponsoring spay and neuter clinics for low-income families or fundraising to pay for shelter animals to get spayed and neutered to make them more adoptable, Bianca has been a voice for neglected animals. 

In creating the Bianca Rae Foundation, Bianca knew she wanted to be a voice for those who couldn't speak for themselves - in her opinion, that's children and animals. She uniquely uses the voice she has through the media to advocate for the voiceless. 

 Bianca also volunteers with Companions Visitation Ministry of Sacred Heart church, spending time with lonely senior citizens. 

The Bianca Rae Foundation provides Bianca the opportunity to be a "Rae of Hope" for those in need of light.  As Bianca says,    "It may be impossible to make the world a perfect place, but it is so easy to make it a better place." And if you are blessed with the ability to make the world a better place...why wouldn't you?