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Retreat for Girls 2019

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Rae of Hope Retreat

The Rae of Hope Retreat is an exciting opportunity for middle school girls from around the Coachella Valley to learn about leadership, morals, and overcoming adversity to achieve their goals.  This one-day event began in 2014 with 160 girls attending and has grown each year to a number currently exceeding 500 girls.  The retreat has been led by the women of KESQ News Channel 3, who are excited to share their own experiences of insecurity and bullying, demonstrating that nothing can stand between these girls and their dreams.

The breakout sessions are the foundation of the Rae of Hope Retreat.  In Bold and Beautiful, the girls get “make-unders”, learning that less is more and to appreciate their inner beauty.  During the Fit and Fabulous session, the girls learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise by learning to make healthy and delicious smoothies. The Leadership session includes interactive talks of how to deal with bullying, getting involved in their communities, standing up for their beliefs, and internet safety.  Lastly, the Building Your Dreams session allows the girls to set goals and learn how to achieve them.  The girls cut and paste pictures and words from magazines onto a “dream board” to share with the group. 
The Annual Rae of Hope Retreat is a community effort, with many donors and organizations coming together to give these young ladies the opportunity to meet and learn from local celebrities they idolize.  Middle school is a critical age when girls are transitioning to women and having solid role models and mentors is crucial to their future success.  This is the basis of the Rae of Hope Retreat.  People in the spotlight have a duty to be a good example for our youth.