Riverside County Animal Services

Nashville-based Singer/Songwriter Travels to Jurupa Valley Shelter to Save a Life

Media Representatives and Friends of Riverside County Animal Services,


Good morning.


We experienced a very lovely moment Tuesday afternoon at our Jurupa Valley-based shelter.


In short: A singer-songwriter from Nashville, Clare Dunn, traveled from her home to Riverside County shelter in Jurupa Valley, California, and saved a special-needs dog. "Connor," had been with us for a fairly lengthy period and he was listed as a "needs rescue" dog because he had some medical issues. He appeared to have some bite wounds and skin issues. He also had a slight limp on one of his front legs. Thanks to Ms. Dunn, Connor is going to get a great second chance at a long, healthy life.


Ms. Dunn never told us she was a country singer. But we put 1 + 1 together after hearing her accent in our telephone calls with her, and because she said she lived in Nashville and, also, because we have many country music fans in our ranks and some of our team members recognized her name. She wanted to remain humble about the whole ordeal, but said she was happy to speak on behalf about all shelter pets needing a loving home. We appreciate her long-distance efforts. What an amazing woman.


Below is a video of Clare telling how she discovered Connor and how it brought her to Jurupa Valley.

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